3 Parties To Plan Today

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Life is full of reasons to celebrate! Whether it’s with family, friends, or coworkers, you can almost always find a reason to gather with some snacks from your favorite grocer or restaurant and drinks from online alcohol superstore Chicago IL. If you’re brainstorming for your next soiree, try these ideas on for size.

1. Happy Half-Birthday

Even if this month isn’t the actual anniversary of your birth, you or someone you know is probably at least halfway to the big day, and that’s reason enough to throw a bash! Serve some cake and ice cream, put up some streamers, and get festive. Don’t forget the candles to really make the day.

2. Springtime Brunch

When the weather starts to warm up, and the flowers start to bloom, it’s the perfect occasion to host a midmorning gathering of friends. Make a pitcher of sangria or mimosas to share and complement a fresh menu of quiche, bagels, and fruit. Cantaloupe and other melons make a fantastic choice. You’ll have a great time catching up with others after a long winter. Try hosting outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

3. New Movie Watch Party

Skip the trip to the theater and host an evening of films at your home. You can invite your guests to wear fancy clothes, making your own personal Oscar celebration complete with champagne and appetizers. Or, keep it cool and casual and make popcorn with a variety of toppings, from traditional salt and butter to a sweet chocolate drizzle. If you’re all caught up with the latest releases, revisit a classic for a blast from the past.

The kind of party you host is only limited by your imagination. Ask your friends and family for their ideas, too, to get them in on the planning. You’ll all enjoy making new memories together.