Best things free to do in Dubai

The Dubai Fountain

One of the most popular things to do in Dubai for free is to watch the beautiful display of the fountains outside Dubai Mall, The Dubai Mall fountain is an unforgettable experience that really just moves everyone because of its beauty, The Dubai Fountain is more than 900ft in length and shoots water into the air to a range of different songs, from classical music to contemporary Arabian tracks and modern Western pop songs. It’s a spectacular show and one that’s always a massive hit. Here’s a little tip: The Apple Store in the Dubai Mall has a massive balcony that offers some of the best views of the fountain

The Dubai Mall: Open daily 10 am-midnight. Downtown Dubai. Dubai Fountain shows Free. Sat-Thu 1pm & 1.30pm, Fri 1.30pm and 2pm, daily 6pm-11pm (every 30 mins).

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Burj Khalifa Show

The Burj Khalifa is a genuine Dubai icon, and we’re very much in favor of anything that makes it look even more fabulous.

Being the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa not only showcases brilliant modern architecture and engineering but also marvelous imagination and implementation. The tallest building in the world never fails to impress when it comes to its spectacular light displays, and now it has a brand-new show celebrating life.

The show is set on the new LED panel displays on Burj Khalifa, featuring over 1.1 million pixels, more than 118 tons of light beams and accessories, and more than 28.7km of cables, transforming Downtown #Dubai into one of the world’s brightest spots, measuring 76.3 million lumens of brightness.

You can see the shows projected on the 828-meter tower every hour from 6.15 pm to 10.15 pm during the week, with extended showings every 30 minutes until 10.45 pm on the weekends.

Dubai Marina Walk

Dubai Marina Walk is really a lifestyle destination, with a huge range of leisure, dining, and shopping options. Walking the whole area featuring seven km of the pedestrian walkway will take you a full day!

Join residents as they run or cycle along the water, or sit down for a cup of coffee or a meal. This is also a great place to get that perfect picture of the skyscrapers and there’s one spot that

The Marina Walk is also one of the popular places to visit in Dubai for free. Ideally located near the office of FASTER RENT A CAR you can enjoy a relaxing stroll with the family or even a jog across the Marina Walk. The waterfront and the docked yachts make for some spectacular views. Spend the day cycling or jogging before returning for a sunset meal at any of the dozens of cafes and eateries. Or, you can head over for a relaxing day at the spa amongst the marina views. In the end, you can simply enjoy and expect an incredible journey through Dubai marina with the most exclusive luxury cars for rent from Faster Car Rental in the Dubai marina

Have A Beach Day

Visiting the beach is the best plan for anyone looking for free things to do in Dubai. With the Dubai sun shining, just head on to any of the free entry beaches in Dubai and take advantage of the facilities including running tracks, volleyball courts, and skate parks. Some of the popular free entry beaches in Dubai include the JBR beach, Kite Beach, Jumeirah Beach, and Al Mamzar Beach.

The beach area is Jumeirah Beach, which offers great scenic views of the Arabian Gulf. About lunchtime, or maybe even brunch, you’re going to get hungry after a few hours of walking so check out popular restaurants in Dubai marina with a variety of enjoyable option like a SPORTS CAR RENTAL