Food-Service Side Hustles

11 side hustle ideas for food loving entrepreneurs

Side hustling can be defined as many various jobs, but for the purposes of this article, we are going to use it to mean “any kind of job that is separate from a person’s usual full-time job.” Most side hustles are done on a freelance or self-employed basis. The hustler can also be done through a larger company, like Uber, that hires people to work on their own schedules under their company name.

Prepared Food Vendor

Children often make lemonade or cookies to sell at bake sales. While this only makes a little money, adults can take this same idea and do it on a larger scale to make more money. In theory, adults can sell just about any food they know how to make, so long as they follow their state’s cottage food laws.

Sellers need to make sure that their food is packaged correctly. Usually, this is done by using plastic or paper-based food containers. Food that is meant to be eaten cold needs to be kept in the refrigerator. A hot food merchandiser may need to keep their food under a heating lamp or in another appliance that can keep bulk foods warm.

Food Delivery

A more popular option is to participate in a food delivery service. This can be done through a larger company, like Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and more, or it can be done on an individual basis. Starting out, workers are more likely to get work through larger companies. However, if someone has good connections, they can make their own prices by working for themselves. This job is best for people who can drive.

Some people are not physically capable of getting their own food, and others just want a meal delivered every once in a while. No matter who the customer base is, side hustlers can take advantage of the market by making their own meals to sell, delivering meals, or both!