Top 5 Best Restaurants To Eat In Kathmandu With Affordable Price

Kathmandu is a haven for people who are foodies. The capital city of Nepal houses people from all over the country, and even around the world. They bring with them their cultures, and most importantly, their food. It is for the same reason that you’ll find food from all over the world here. All you need to do is be a little inquisitive, and you’ll find places that serve authentic cuisines, fusion food, and even standard fast food. Every foodie has their own list of best restaurants in Kathmandu, but there are some of these that easily make the top five of anyone out there.

The reason why these restaurants are tagged the best restaurants in Kathmandu, not just because they serve the best food, but also because they are the best places to eat in Kathmandu. The food items are affordable, and also, they offer a great ambience for their customers to have a great time. These best places to eat in Kathmandu also offer food delivery services. You could order their delicious items through Foodmandu, which is a pioneer in Nepal when it comes to food delivery services. In short, you could do both – either enjoy amazing meals by visiting these amazing places, or have them at the comfort of your homes.

Fire and Ice Pizzeria

Fire and Ice Pizzeria is probably one of the best Italian restaurants in Kathmandu. One of the best features of this restaurant is that the food served here is as authentic as they can get. From the firewood oven pizzas that they are most known for to gnocchis and so on, your taste buds would definitely pull you back to this restaurant. The environment here is amazing too, as you get that typical busy European pub feel. You’re bound to fall in love with this place.

KFC: Durbar Marg

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken needs no introduction. Once a baby of Colonel Sanders, KFC is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world. Their signature item is mouthwatering crispy fried chicken that can make anyone drool. With time, they have added so many items to their menu to satisfy the taste buds of the local customers, and give them even more reasons to come back for more. At KFC: Durbar Marg, you could try either one of their original dishes, or the newly added ones. KFC has outlets in other places as well like Tripureshwor and Bhaktapur.

Pizza Hut

Quite like KFC, Pizza Hut is also known all over the world. They are also one of the food brands with the highest number of chains around the world. They are known mainly for their pizzas, and without a doubt, they offer probably the best pizzas in Kathmandu. In their restaurant, they also serve a range of continental dishes like Pasta Arrabiata, Jalapeno Poppers, and so on. Their desserts, mainly Ebony and Ivory, is to die for. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the foodies here in Kathmandu are absolutely crazy about the items served at Pizza Hut.

Roadhouse Cafe Thamel

Roadhouse Cafe offers dynamic continental items in their outlets. Roadhouse Cafe Thamel is one of their outlets; they also have outlets at Bhatbhateni and Jhamsikhel. Quite like Fire and Ice and Pizza Hut, Roadhouse Cafe is also known for their pizzas. The pizzas here are prepared in a firewood oven. Along with the different varieties of pizzas, they also serve various continental side dishes like nachos with beans, potato wedges, with desserts like New York style cheesecake, and so many others. You’ll be lucky to find a table here during the weekends.


KKFC is a multi cuisine restaurant that offers dishes inspired from different parts of Nepal and even the world. Quite like KFC, their signature dish is fried chicken, which is available in its original and spicy version. Also, people love their burgers, and other typical fast food items. KKFC created a revolution in the restaurant industry by introducing robot servers for the first time in Nepal. They have outlets in many parts of Kathmandu, and it introduced robot servers in their New Road outlet. KKFC is one of the must try places on our list, for a great restaurant experience.

What makes the best restaurants to eat in Kathmandu the best places to eat in Kathmandu is the amazing taste offered at an affordable price in the most beautiful ambience. There is no way that you visit these places only once and never wish to go there again. Also, with the addition of the food delivery service, in collaboration with Foodmandu app, they take their services to a whole new level. Make sure to dine in the best places to eat in Kathmandu during your visit to the city.