What is the function of Teamsters?


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The Teamsters are a union. But how exactly does a union function? For example, how do the members of a Teamsters joint council interact with each other? Whether you’re a new member of a Teamsters organization or have worked for a union for years, you’ll likely be interested in knowing more about Teamsters.

Teamsters Joint Councils

The Teamsters Joint Councils serve a variety of purposes for Teamsters members. In an area where there are three or more local Teamsters unions, the councils help coordinate activities and solve problems. These councils can also act as the judicial and jurisdictional bodies for Teamsters. Additionally, teamsters’ trade divisions help local coordinate activities and offer advice to local teamsters about issues that may arise, like the Teamsters Joint Council Tuition Fund Raising New Jersey. These councils also hold regular meetings to discuss common issues, provide training to local leaders, and make decisions on behalf of the entire Teamsters membership.

As the largest and most influential regional body of the Teamsters Union, Joint Council 25 is an essential support system for over 100,000 Teamsters members. In addition to its legislative role, Joint Council 25 honors the memory of Mary Harris “Mother” Jones, an exemplary Teamster who worked for the local union in Gary, Indiana, from 1830 to 1930. Her work on behalf of Teamsters and other unions helped the local associations make important decisions.

Teamsters members volunteer to help a union grow.

Joining a union like the Teamsters is not just about being part of a strong labor organization. It’s about being a part of a union that fights for the rights of working Americans, on the job and off. Members of the Teamsters union are involved in state, national, and local politics, ensuring that pro-labor leaders are elected and working Americans are protected. But the union can’t survive without its members. They need your help and involvement to keep advancing.

The Teamsters’ National Volunteer Outreach Program needs members to help organize in several ways, including a Division Coordinator, a Recruiter, an Event Planner, and a Division Coordinator. In addition, the union is currently looking for volunteers to join the Volunteer Outreach Program for the IBT’s Smart Phone App. 

Last spring, two more Teamsters units – the City of Santa Rosa and Mount Diablo Unified School District – became members of the Local. Three years later, five more teams voted to join. That makes eighty-seven Teamsters members in California alone! New members include office professionals, maintenance workers, and customer service representatives, but these numbers don’t have all the union benefits.

Trade Show and Convention Centers Division

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has established its Trade Show and Convention Centers Division. These trade groups are responsible for organizing North America, Europe, and Asia events. They have been organizing trade show booths, exhibiting their products, and hosting national and international conventions since 1922. The Trade Show and Convention Centers Division of Teamsters has been organized for over 70 years and has a rich history.

The Trade Show and Convention Centers Division of Teamster Locals represent workers at trade shows and convention centers, hotels, casinos, and moving vans. In addition, the Division helps Local Unions organize and represent workers in this industry throughout North America. Workers in related sectors such as the food processing and printing industries are also represented in this Division. The Teamsters Trade Show and Convention Centers Division has a large membership, and its members work in many different fields.

Safety and Health Department

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has developed a fact sheet on the coronavirus outbreak. It provides valuable information on the virus and its impact and includes a checklist for employers and employees to evaluate a potential health and safety risk. In addition, the IBT Safety and Health Department works to develop and implement safety policies and programs in the workplace. It also provides regulatory and technical support to all IBT Trade Divisions and Departments, Local Union Affiliates, and Rank-and-File Members.

The Safety and Health Department of Teamsters’ Instructors has construction, remediation, and HAZMAT transportation experience. They have completed OSHA 500 Construction Trainer Course and DOE Basic Instructor Training Program. They received annual certification after undergoing evaluations and supervised instruction. Additionally, instructors must attend an Instructor Development Program where new regulations and health and safety topics are covered. Instructors must be certified in CPR and first aid.